Dennis Miller

I don't want to get off on a rant here, but...


...working for Dennis Miller was a dream come true.  

The kind of dream where you show up in school and there's the cool student cruising down the hallway effortlessly making fun of everybody with an insouciant devil-don't-care flair and a few eviscerating, carefully curated words that devastates to the core, and you're pretty sure he's about to unleash that grade-A wit shit on you, and oh god please don't, don't even look my direction, and then he does, and you think he's saving he best to do his worst on you, with some hilarious insult that'll surely end your social life, and you think there is where it ends...

...and instead you go to work for him for a few years.



I had grown up watching him on Saturday Night Live, and on the hour long comedy specials he did every few years.  I didn't understand much of what he was saying, until I did.

Made my paycheck when I used a reference that he didn't know.  Earned my bonus when he used a reference that he didn't know and he threw it in his act.

Also, nine days out of ten, dude treated me nice.



Dennis Miller.  Not to scale.